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NICOLAS Georges and RADEFF Anne

  • Christaller was a member of the Nazi party (NSDAP). From archives to fake news

    Date de publication : 09-10-2023
    professeurs honoraires

    In 1989, Mechtild Rössler disclosed that Walter Christaller had been a member of the Nazi party (NSDAP) since July 1, 1941, giving his membership card number as 8.375.670 (RÖSSLER, 1989, p. 426, note 17). For some time now, however, this membership has been called into question. A retired professor from the University of Buenos Aires, Carlos Reynoso, has taken part in this challenge-review in a publication posted online in 2019 and 2023 on various sites. It is totally wrong to question Walter Christaller's membership of the Nazi party. The three German archive documents published and analyzed in this text confirm Mechtild Rössler's disclosure in 1989

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